How to Look Stylish in White Skinny Jeans

I am a fan of white colors! I have a couple pairs of white jeans but they are all, distress and one flare. I have been looking for a pair of white skinny jeans that is not distress and at an affordable price and finally I find one at the Tjmaxx store by Jessica Simpson. 

Pairing white jeans can be tricky sometimes, but flattering when paired well. I will suggest you pair a white with a bright pop of color in spring and summer because it keeps the outfit from looking a little too plain. In fall, white jeans can be paired with dark shade of colors like burgundy, brown, etc. White can also be worn in winter. White colored clothes are all season colors for me.

I coordinated my printed blouse to match the color of my printed shoes because I want the outfit to look casual, yet dressy and stylish. 


Jeans: Jessica Simpson (Tjmaxx)
Necklace: Shoedazzle
Hat: H&M
Shoes: Roshelle (Shoedazzle)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you again soon.

Ogewhite, XoXo


  1. How is it possible for anybody to be this on fleek??

  2. How is it possible for anybody to be this on fleek??

  3. i love those lace shoes, omg!

    1. hi, evans you can get it from shoedazzle. click on the link

  4. aww! thanks lovelies for the love XOXO

  5. i love the entire look

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