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How To Make Chicken And Plaintain Pepper Soup

Who would ever think about making pepper soup with mushrooms? I did this time and it tastes super yummy! [video data-wpid="568" src="" class="failed size-full"] {RECIPE} Cut the chicken to the sizes you want, wash it and put inside the pot. Add the seasoning cubes (know, royco or star Maggi), salt, pepper, water to the level of the chicken, and cover the pot to cook for about 10 minutes depending on the how hard the chicken is. Peel, wash and slice the plantain into 3 or 4 pieces and add it inside the chicken pot, add water slightly above the chicken and plantain, add pepper and pepper soup seasoning, scent leave, utazi leave. Stir and taste it just to make sure it tastes really good, allow to cook for out 20minutes or until the plantain is soft. Taste it again for seasoning before you turn off your stove. I added mushrooms at a point then spinach leaves after my pepper was done just b

How To Make Egg Stew With Mushrooms

An easy way to make egg stew with mushrooms. [video data-wpid="564" src="" class="size-full" data-temp-aztec-id="1cb98cce-7f61-4fa9-b6f2-b46f6927ef65"] { STEP BY STEP } First, pour a small amount of vegetable oil or groundnut oil into a pot or frying pan. Secondly, cut the onion, tomatoes, and mushrooms and fry it a little bit. Thirdly, add all the spices you need. I added maggi, salt, curry, parsley leaves. Lastly, add the 2 large eggs and sauté till the egg is done. Sautéing is ideal for making egg stew so it doesn't burn especially after you added the egg. Measure everything you will use according to the quantity of the people that will eat the sauce. Welcome to Oge's kitchen, finger licking food. Are you a foodie or foodporn like me? Tag me in your posts. Please, share. Thank you.