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Ruffle Sleeve Dress And Oxford Chunky Sole

I am totally in love with every single detail of my outfit especially the ruffle sleeve dress, who would believe that I bought this dress from Shein  for $15? Visit the website Here  plus you get $3 off your first order and they do free shipping and return worldwide with no minimum purchase, that’s a great deal! I have been looking for casual short dresses recently, finally here comes this cute dress. Thank goodness the dress came in gray color which is one of my best colors. No doubt,  the look is going to look complete with these oxford chunky sole gush! Bring back 90s hahaha, I remembered old days when chunky heels used to trend back in 2003. The shoes are super amazing and very comfortable. When it comes to everyday life, it’s not all about super-high stilettos! There are sometimes you just want to dress casual and look voguish. I would sound crazy if I told you this shoes original price was $39.99. I bought them like $7.00 with tax. Seriously, I am not kidding! Hahaha, I bought th

How To Wear Turquoise and Mint and Look Irresistibly Stylish

Most people call the shade of my dress different color names like mint, turquoise, teal blue-green, and peacock, but this is turquoise. One can complement this color with burgundy, fuchsia, white, coral, and mustard. It’s obvious that turquoise is not a common or versatile contract hue!   I asked few people what color can one incorporate turquoise or mint with and no one was able to come up with any color, in fact, the best answer they gave me was that they don’t have any of these colors in their closet. Omg! Turquoise is a very unique and beautiful color if you know how to wear it. I have never seen any beautiful dress in this color that catches my eyes so I am so excited about the dress and it only cost $18.00 in SHEIN  website. If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I am obsessed with flirty and bright colors. I tried to keep my look fresh, crisp, and irresistibly stylish by combining my dress with a mint bag, mint-white shoes, white fur, and white glasses. The who

Genevieve Nnaji's Dad, Mum, And Siblings

What a beautiful and blessed family. Stephen Handsome Daddy with His Beautiful wife, no wonder Genevieve looks like a Queen! Beautiful Mum, "Achalaugo Di ya" Little pretty black Barbie Genevieve brother Stephen Black Magic with undiluted melanin popping! What do you think about this family? You can agree with me that truly beauty runs in Nnaji's family.