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Look Sophisticated In Printed Patchwork Silk Twill Blouse

If you’re looking to make a statement with some prints, try printed patchwork silky twill blouses and keep them eye-catching! People thought that my blouse was from Gucci, but nope! I bought it from Shein , you can buy similar blue pants from Glogestore , the white bag from Aldo, and the yellow shoes from Shoedazzle. I chose to buy these colors because I needed to update my color palette.       Details/Shop Blouse: Shein Pants: Glogestore Sunglasses: Glogestore Bag: Aldo/Glogestore Shoes: Shoedazzle

A Tiered Fringe Skirt With A Bow Tie Crop Blouse

I have had my eyes on a fringe dress, blouse, or skirt long before now, but I haven’t seen a daring statement design. I visited  Shein online store last two weeks and look at what I found. Yes, it will surprise you to know that I got this beautiful skirt from Shein as you all know that 50 percent of my outfits are from them.   Fringe skirts can look like a costume if not properly paired. I dressed down the skirt with a yellow bow tie crop blouse from Amazon, a brooch from Glogestore, bag, and shoes from Shoedazzle.   How do I look? Do you own a fringe skirt? I would love to read your reply, so leave comments below. Thank you.     Details/Shop: Blouse:  Amazon Fashion Skirt:  Shein Human Hair:  Glogestore Sunglasses: Glogestore Brooch: Glogestore Bag: Shoedazzle Shoes: Shoedazzle