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How To Make Money From PGI Global Trade

  WHAT IS PGI GLOBAL (Praetorian Group International)? It’s a crypto platform that promises certain commissions for people who can build a team whose CEO is by name Ramil Ventura Palafox. PGI Global rely on referrals which is not a mandatory criteria for one to trade on PGI but for you to make an extra money from PGI platform, you will need to invite new members, as they register and invest you will make a certain commission and build your rank levels. HOW CAN I JOIN PGI? You will need a referral link from a PGI member to register and invest. You can use any of the links below to join PGI. HOW DO I INVEST IN PGI? PGI does not accept cash or direct bank transfer except check or bitcoin. Check process takes longer because you will have to mail the check to their office which takes days to process but using bitcoin is pretty easy and faster. HOW DO I BUY BITCOIN?   Buying bitcoi