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Shein Wishlist

Hey, beautiful! As you all know, I am super in love with the brand SHEIN , here is my wishlist for the summer. I hope you like it. Dress Summer Set Denim Short Blouse   Jumpsuit

Pleated Skirt with Boat-Neck Lace Blouse

Recently, I have been into pleats for reason I don't know. Lol, I can't deal with the fact that I love and enjoy wearing pleats. If you scroll down my page, you will see other colors of my pleated skirts. There are so many ways to wear a pleated skirt and look classic on it. We have knife pleats or wide paneled ones, long skirts or short ones. You can wear long maxi pleats as casual or for an occasion.   I found this gorgeous green maxi pleated skirt in  SHEIN  and boat-neck lace blouse in SHEIN Website and I love how alluring the skirts look; the material is cool and prepossessing. Pleats can be eye-catchy especially if the skirt is long.   When wearing pleat skirts, it’s always good to tuck in the top or have a half-length fitted top on. I wore the skirt above the waist and the top well tucked in. I advise you to avoid large pleats if you are obese or have wide curves because it will make you look two times bigger than your size. Knife or tiny pleats are better for obese peo