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The Best Way to Clean Your Vagina After Sex

Most women think they need to clean inside their vagina with fingers and water after sex not knowing they are upsetting the natural balance of the bacteria that protect the vagina. Don’t w orry about the vagina it cleanses itself. When your menstrual blood flow stops who cleanses the inside vagina? Think about it. Step 1 Drink a glass of water or more before or a fter sex to be able to pee after sex. Why do you need to pee after sex? During sexual intercourse, bacteria can get into your urethra which is the tube where urine comes out from, so when you pee, it flushes out the bad bacterial or germs present at the end of the urethra before they get inside the bladder and cause infection. It is very important you pee after sex it reduces the chances of infection. Please, tell your partner to drink water too. NB: If you practice unprotected sex and you are not looking forward to being pregnant while peeing push as if you want to poop, you will see the semen coming out