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Valentine Messages and Perfect Gift to Buy

Valentine's Day is just a few days from now and it is time to shop or order for that perfect gift for your partner. If you don’t have any clue of love messages to write on a Valentine’s Day, you need not worry. Here are some sample Valentine messages for your man or woman and some website to shop for your lovely perfect gift for him or her. Valentine Messages for Her; Click here  To Check Some Perfect Gift for Her I fell in love with you on the day that I first saw you. Now, I am more than madly in love with you. Lol, what have you done to me? Whatever it is, I am enjoying it so much. Thank you for letting me love you and for loving me in return. I am so lucky that you are mine. Happy Valentine’s Day. You have accepted me for who I am. You are the reason that I am a better man now. Thank you! Happy Valentine’s Day honey! My day is not complete without thinking of you. You are my one and only love. Happy Valentine’s Day my jewel! You are getting more beautiful each day.

How to Wear A Cape Blazer

I love trying something new; this the first cape blazer I have ever had. It came in two different colors, white and black. I bought them from JustFab  last year summer. First time I saw a girl that wore a cape blazer was on Instagram, 2015. The style looks crazy and sophisticated, it did not intrigue me at all because of the open sleeve style. Later, I found out that one can actually style cape blazers with long sleeves beneath. It's totally up to you, I have seen people style it that way and they look amazing. Like I said I wasn’t intrigued the first time I saw cape blazers, but I love trying something new. Last year I saw cape blazers on the justfab website, I started having a second thoughts, should I buy it or not? I concluded to give it a try; if I don’t like the style I can exchange it for something else. First, I bought black, it looks super cute. Then I ordered the white color. The first time I wore my cape blazer was amazing! The style is irresistible! I can feel and tell

How To Wear A Multi-Colored Dress

Some people think that when you have a multi-colored dress it’s a bit difficult to find a good match for the shoes, bag, and other accessories, but it’s totally the opposite. It’s very easy to pair a multi-colored dress, shoes, or bag. If you belong to the category of people that don’t buy or wear multi-colored dresses or shoes, I will advise you today to try one on. I will give you some tips or advice on how to pair multi-colored dresses or shoes. Don’t pair a multi-colored dress with multi-colored shoes or bag; you don’t want to look like a clown, except if the multi-colored dress is floral and the shoes or bag is multi-colored stripes. If you’re not sure don’t pair both together.  Stick to one or two colors in your multi-colored dress or shoes, I paired my ribbed multi-stripe dress with red pump shoes because there is red color on my dress. Also, I added an olive green handbag because there is green color on my dress. If this is your first time to try it or you don’t like c


I am ready for New Year shopping with my Shein Wishlist on hand! It is time to make a list of the things you would like to get, they always have a big discount promotion going on and they offer international free shipping and returns, no minimum. I am overwhelmed with the trendy things they have on Shein website; you can buy a lot without breaking your bank account. Shein is a trendy online store for women’s fashion dedicated to providing the most cutting-edge fashion at a very reasonable price. I would advise you to sign up to get their promotional emails and take advantage of it. There is so much edgy fashion, daring apparels and accessories on their website that you can get for under $20; with a $150 budget you can stock up your closet without breaking or hurting your wallet. I created this wishlist of some items I have my eyes on. Don't forget to sign up  Here  to receive their big discount promotion. . SHOP HERE :   Studded Stiletto Heels Ripped Denim Pant Handbag with Shoulde

How to Wear Grey On Grey

I love all shades of grey because the color is such a smart mixer! I know some people who think the color does not contrast well with their skin color, hair color, or they will say grey is “boring.” I totally disagree with them; it’s quite the opposite because it is an incredible color that is versatile like black. Grey can be cool or warm if you are not sure if it matches your skin tone you can start by wearing it at the bottom or start with grey accessories. I believe the shade you choose and how you combine it is what matters. It works better for me than black; you can create countless different looks with this color and it’s easier to pair. One can wear grey in many different ways. I paired with a slate blue colored bag and a silver glasses to give me that bold and edgy look. Take a look at my double layered distressed dress you will see it has two different shades. The dress didn't come layered, I added extra material because the dress is short for me. Great thing about this c