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Red and Leopard: A Fabulous Combination

I bought this beautiful red dress from SHEIN . Red is one of the most breathtaking colors that attract attention more than any other color. You can pair red with neutral, nude, beige, brown, leopard, camouflage, floral, stripes or with any beautiful contrast hue.   Leopard is one of the prints that can never go off trend! I am the type of person that doesn’t care about trends; my style instinct simply goes with what I feel is right and what I feel confident to wear. I have been thinking of the best color of accessories that will bring out the contrasting hue of my dress and I could not figure out the best color that will suit what I want from all the bags, belts, and shoes I have in my closet.   [DETAILS/SHOP HERE] Dress:  Shein Human Hair:  Glogestore  

How to Wear Stripe Prints to look Classy and Simple

Stripe is one of the most wearable print this season. You can’t have or wear too many stripes because they are an undisputed wardrobe staple. I bought this alluring blouse from  Amazon Stripes are one of the easiest prints to incorporate; you do not need to add another pop of print with an accessory like a leopard belt, bag, or shoes just keep it simple and classic with one plain color that matches the stripe color. If you like colors and love to have fun with fashion like me, you can pull off bold horizontal stripes with tiny vertical stripes together or stripes with floral prints then incorporate your outfit with plain accessories.           [DETAILS/SHOP HERE] Blouse:  Amazon Jeggins:  Glogestore