Pleated Grid Box Skirt with Bell Sleeve Blouse

Pleated skirts have been one of the biggest fashion trends since early 2016. There are so many ways to wear a pleated skirt and look classic on it. We have knife pleats or wide ones, long skirts or short ones. You can wear it as casual or official, it works for anything.



I found this pleated skirt and black bell blouse in SHEIN Website and I love how intimidating the skirts look, the material is not cheap or light so one can wear it in early spring or winter. Pleats can be eye-catchy especially if the skirt is patterned or has a grid box design on it like the one I have on.



When pairing the skirt, you must consider the bottom color and design first. I paired the outfit with a detailed black belt, half perforated black pump shoes from ShoeDazzle, and a sophisticated graphic bag that I got as a gift from my cousin. The shoes did not come with the red Pom Poms; I added them to make my total outfit look fun.


When wearing pleat skirts, it’s always good to tuck in the top or have a half-length fitted top on. I wore the skirt above the waist, with a bold gold chain belt, and the top well tucked in.

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I advise you to avoid large pleats if you are obese or have wide curves because it will make you look two times bigger than your size. Knife or tiny pleats are better for obese people. If you are skinny, both pleats will work perfectly for you, especially the large design.

20170319_222156 USA, LLC

The skirt sizes run small so be careful when selecting your size. Normally, I wear a U.S size small or medium but the size I have on is large and it could not zip to the end. Also, the top size I have on is medium, it’s a little bit tight on my shoulders because I have little broad shoulders. What do you think about this combo, the pleated grid box printed skirt and the bell sleeve black top?


Blouse: SheIn

Skirt: SheIn

Shoes:  ShoeDazzle



  1. Hi Oge, You're always on point. Nice dress. I love this.

  2. Oge you look gorgeous on those... I always love heels the more each time I visit your page... Wish I could have more of them....

  3. I love it! Such a cute outfit. I adore that bell sleeve top! I haven't found one that looks good on me yet but you pull this look off beautifully!

  4. Awww! Thank you so much. I am so glad I found one on SHeIn website. The blouse is so cute.

  5. You are so awesome! I love the pearls and the belt. Its a great spring ensemble without any pastels.

  6. You wear everything beautifully I have ran out of compliments all I can say is another outfit slayed by Queen oge!!!!!

  7. Lovely dress and very nice shoe.Nne,u dey shine ooooooooooo

  8. Omg! This is such a FUN outfit! I am obsessed with your bell-sleeve top and your pom pom heels! I've wanted those heels for so long! Now I am even more eager to get them, haha! :)

    xo, Chloe //

  9. I love this outfit it's stylish


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