Floral Peplum Detail Blouse and Color-block Shoe

Floral is one of the patterns that would make you want to wear colors.


Yes, people can overrate matching colors, but don't afraid to incorporate some colors and make your outfit look fun. When pairing a floral or flowered blouse, you must consider the colors and design first. I got this peplum detail blouse from SHEIN, Ese curly human hair and my Gucci inspired bag from GLOGESTORE.


One may say there is a various compilation of colors in my outfit, yes, but the colors complement each other. The contrast hue complements each other.  The contrast hue of my shoe compliments with my peplum floral blouse.

Do you always gravitate toward light, dark or neutral clothes?





Blouse: SHEIN




  1. Wow! You can handle colors no doubt. I ordered this bag the brown color from your website now I want the red color.

  2. Very cute and colorful. Just looking at it makes me want to dance

  3. Styling and profiling 😍😍😍 I love this look.

  4. I definitely gravitate towards dark colors and definitely more boring than this one. Looking to expand my closet! I'll have to check out shein and great job on pairing complementary colors! Your outfit does not look out of place at all!


  5. You stun in the total outfit. I love the way you pull those contrast hue. I am inspired.

  6. I wish I could pull off red pants... This whole outfit is rocking! Well done

  7. When I saw color block shoe I immediately thought of my mom’s 70s colorblock pumps. Your are more awsome especially with that bag.

  8. You look great in all the outfit trust me.Wow


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