How to Wear Grey On Grey

I love all shades of grey because the color is such a smart mixer! I know some people who think the color does not contrast well with their skin color, hair color, or they will say grey is “boring.” I totally disagree with them; it’s quite the opposite because it is an incredible color that is versatile like black.
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Grey can be cool or warm if you are not sure if it matches your skin tone you can start by wearing it at the bottom or start with grey accessories. I believe the shade you choose and how you combine it is what matters.

It works better for me than black; you can create countless different looks with this color and it’s easier to pair. One can wear grey in many different ways.

I paired with a slate blue colored bag and a silver glasses to give me that bold and edgy look. Take a look at my double layered distressed dress you will see it has two different shades. The dress didn't come layered, I added extra material because the dress is short for me.

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Great thing about this color is that it can work with every color both with floral, prints and pattern, don’t be afraid to pair the color with bold and bright accessories. I will be sharing in one of my new posts how I paired it with camouflage. USA, LLC

You can wear different shades of grey without looking dull. Just keep it simple, wear the same shade or break the shades like I did. Grey is a wardrobe essential, especially in winter season. Go ahead and step up your color game, if you are still in doubt of which colors to pair with this contract hue with, feel free to ask me questions, I will be glad to guide you with the color match.


Dress: Shein

Glasses: Aldo

Bag: JustFab

Shoes:  ShoeDazzle

Thanks for stopping by! I hope to see you again soon.

Ogewhite XoXo



  1. wow! you look super hot! you are so talented in between

  2. Wow!! It came out beautifully.. Slayer queen

  3. Njideka Uptown girlJanuary 3, 2017 at 6:13 AM

    Am lifted by your words @ About me Column.... God bless you for the words.
    Back to the outfit... Very unique!!! Never imagined that Grey grey will be this cute. I got a grey pants and am always looking for a darker color tops to wear it. Now I know this.... Thanks hun

  4. you look amazing! i love how you styled the grey.

  5. Hey hun! yesss! go ahead and rock your grey pants and don't forget to tag me on Instagram.

  6. Thank you hun, I snag them during the Cyber Monday sale

  7. Gorgeous outfit! Those heels are KILLER!

    xo, Chloe //

  8. I'm always nervous about the "groutfit" but you make it look good!! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  9. It looks amazing on you! Thanks for sharing!

  10. You look great in the grey! I try with great accessories (like scarves), but I might try to branch out now 😁

  11. Yes! try it hun and i would like to see how it looks on you.

  12. Hi dear, Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate

  13. Hi Claire, I am happy you are inspired by my outfit. Thanks for stopping by.

  14. I know right? people were looking at me as if I am a super star! Thank for stopping by

  15. I love them fits you so well


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