Ruffle Sleeve Dress And Oxford Chunky Sole

I am totally in love with every single detail of my outfit especially the ruffle sleeve dress, who would believe that I bought this dress from Shein for $15? Visit the website Here plus you get $3 off your first order and they do free shipping and return worldwide with no minimum purchase, that’s a great deal!

I have been looking for casual short dresses recently, finally here comes this cute dress. Thank goodness the dress came in gray color which is one of my best colors. No doubt,  the look is going to look complete with these oxford chunky sole gush! Bring back 90s hahaha, I remembered old days when chunky heels used to trend back in 2003. The shoes are super amazing and very comfortable.


When it comes to everyday life, it’s not all about super-high stilettos! There are sometimes you just want to dress casual and look voguish.

IMG_20170225_210538_600 USA, LLC

I would sound crazy if I told you this shoes original price was $39.99. I bought them like $7.00 with tax. Seriously, I am not kidding! Hahaha, I bought them at Forever 21 store, it was the last pair with no price tag on them. The cross-body bag with tax was $8.00 on clearance too, the original price was $29.99. My total outfit cost $30.00 my glasses not included.

You can actually look super chic without breaking your wallet. Anyway, check out my street styles pictures and let me know what you think about my outfit in the comments.


Dress: Shein

Bag: Forever21

Shoes:  Forever21


  1. omg! Sis you slayed it better! I would say bring back 80's lol

  2. Oge i like your,they are soooooo cute

  3. I love this especially the sleeves also those chunky heels perfect combo u wear it beautifully hun

  4. That is one gorgeous dress babe! I can't believe it is only $15. I love the color and of course the ruffle details. So fab Ogewhite. xx

  5. For $15 is dress is defintely a bargain. It really goes well with the hangbag and the shoes. Love the whole outfit and the glasses are just amazing!

  6. Penniless Prairie GirlFebruary 28, 2017 at 7:59 AM

    Such an amazing dress! I've been loving anything with ruffles lately! So cute.

  7. I can't believe that entire outfit only cost you $30 like OMG lol clearly I need to learn to shop like you. I love F21 and always look for great deals but damn you nailed it. Lovely outfit. The shoes and bag are to die for. You definitely taught me how to shop smarter!

  8. I am obviously not shopping right. Such a cute outfit!

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