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Hey guys, check out what I bought recently from Amazon.


Been wanting to have a Gucci purse, but since I can't afford to buy one because it’s expensive, so I must cut my coat according to my size by buying something that looks like Gucci. This is GD design, I would call it Gucci inspired.


Have you heard about Lark & Ro? They have great stylish selections with perfect fitting. Click on the picture to check other dresses they have



I ordered this beautiful shirt from Amazon because Button Down shirts are made with a great quality material for their prices. Click on the picture to check other colors out.




I  had this dress on my wishlist for a while, but I was waiting to read reviews before I can buy it. Finally, I went to check on the dress and I saw that a lot of picture reviews. I am happy I didn't miss my size, they have other colors, but I love the dark red and purple because I don't have any purple dress. Click the picture to see other colors.



I love this top and I am happy that I finally got it. I can't wait to style it with white pants, blue bag and shoes. Click on the picture to see other colors they have.


I love this belt, it looks like the real one, but it is not. If you don't have almost $500 to buy the real one buy the one you can afford. Click the picture to check order colors out.



I love these trendy belts, It came in two colors gold and silver, both belts for $7.00 wasn't a bad deal at all. It looks unique and stretchy, so it can fit any waist size. Click on the picture to check other amazing design out.

All these items were ordered last Saturday and they will deliver all this Tuesday wow! Seriously, it's good to be an Amazon prime member.



  1. That red and purple dress stole my heart. I love it! The leaf bracelets are cute too! Thanks for bringing them to my attention! xo

  2. I am so in love with that belt and the handbag! Thanks for sharing these awesome picks!

  3. wow! I love the bag. I can't wait to see you style all of them.

  4. Grace Tochukwu AnyanachoOctober 20, 2017 at 7:28 AM

    Awwww the bag, belt, dress 👗 they all look beautiful and will be fabulous on u.

  5. I love what you selected especially the stripe blouse. They don't have it in my size anymore.


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