This Outfit is a Must Have! I Love the Gucci Vibe

I love this two pieces SHEIN the pants were super high-waisted and long, I had to fold it. If you are like 5.11" tall then you won't have to fold the pants. The crop top was perfect. The material is thick, the GUCCI ribbon is thick too and doesn't look like a knockoff GUCCI ribbon. I love this Gucci vibe.


This two pieces under $19  Click here to buy  SHEIN


I have always wanted a Gucci purse, but since I can’t afford to buy one because it’s expensive I had to cut my coat according to my size by buying something that looks like Gucci. This is not Gucci, but I will call it Gucci inspired. The bag is made with a good material and expected to last for two years if you use it carefully.

Buy this bag here GLOGESTORE



  1. Slay on diva. I want to order the size Large, does it run big, small, or true to size?

  2. Girlll!! You look fab and I couldn’t tell it’s not real Gucci lol I’m into bargain shopping too.


  3. The clothes are stunning as well as the model. I like the picture a lot.
    ~ Thea Topaz ( #theatopaz

  4. I really like that your outfit is pretty and simple!

  5. Nice! I like especially the fact about the purse which is "Gucci inspired". You don't have to always spent all the money to have a perfect outfit or accessory. Looks like original. :)

  6. Wish I could afford the Gucci too! Love your style and inspiration!


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