Spruce Up A Tutu Skirt With An Abstract Surplice Bodysuit

Styling a tutu skirt with a bodysuit has been one of the best ways to wear a tulle skirt.

Abstract Floral Surplice Blouse Bodysuit

Don't ever think that tutu or tulle skirts are meant for only kids. There are many ways to style tulle skirts without looking like a ballerina whether short, midi, or long. I styled my tutu skirt with a bodysuit.



Bodysuit: Shein

Skirt: Glogestore

Bag: Glogestore

Shoes: Shoedazzle


  1. You stun in this outfit

  2. Does Shein carry plus size?

  3. It's really nice, Tutu skirt is adorable

  4. Wow, this looks really great on you. Also a very nice color combination by the way

  5. Abstract Florals Surplice Blouse Bodysuit

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