Beauty attracts the eyes but personality captures the heart. Romance is your weapon as a married lover; never neglect your job for others to do. Know that being romantic is not just an important thing to do; it's everything about a sustainable relationship/marriage.

You don't get shy in matrimonial affairs, your man as a matter of fact is your game-toy, be creative with him. Do everything in your power to preoccupy his mind, give him a reason to desire home.

Send sweet text messages to him at work, sometimes even if you are in the bedroom discussing with him, still try chatting him up on social media such as (Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber, Imo, bbm etc).  Even though he is right in front of you, it's fun and romantic to invade his attention in all angles! Discuss how lovely he is on your facebook timeline; this will trip him a lot.
Note that you should be chatting with your husband 90% of your time on the social media and not spending such time to engage other men on those networks.

When eating, give him the biggest meat. Sometimes, use your soft voice to sing for him. Get creative with this. For instance, a poem like (twinkle, twinkle lovely spouse, how I wonder what you are, up above my world so high, like a diamond in my heart) could drive your way into a man's soft spot even when previously he wasn't thinking of being nice to you.

Do away with robot approach dealing with your man. For instance you could welcome him with a kiss, a warm hug and/or a prayer song or poem on his return from office to get him off his office wears (both physical and emotional wears). You have just informed him by this gesture that the office stress is over and he is back into his haven of peace, comfort and romance. Never again welcome your husband home with hang over issue or attitude or with an angry face because there is no money in the house. When he feels the comfort and peace of mind, you may have positioned him better to think right about what he could do next to bring income home for his family. Other critical "don't (s)" include the consciousness to never welcome your husband with a sweaty body, un-perfumed face, dirty attire, non-smart or non-romantic look. Don't also only play, chat or smile with him when he receives his salary. He will know without being told that it's a gimmick.

If all you could start with is a warm welcome with a hug, do that consistently and when he is going to work, pray to God to keep him safe and for him to be successful. Support him, advise him, wipe his tears, be grateful to him. Remember, it's not easy to be a man especially due to economic situation of our days. When you observe his faith waxing cold, encourage him. Never result to threatening him that you will seek divorce. Never compare him with other men. Buy him gifts too, wash his clothes, express your affection for him. Praise him in a way that he wouldn't think of an alternative. Be the best to him in your own rights even if there are areas you feel he is not measuring up to you yet. Be a good cook, dress him up and try your best to be there giving him all the attention when he gets ill.

Wake him with a peck and don't complain about his snoring habit if he is one of such.
Let kisses be the messenger between the both of you. Read books on intimacy and don't just subject your knowledge to what you learn from what you see in movies. Since most of those movie-dramas are never real.

Call your husband pet names. Though you can also call him by his name even if he is 30yrs older than you, as far as he is comfortable with it. You also need to respect your husband and honour him even if he is younger than you. 

Know this always that marriage isn't a bed of roses but a bed of sacrifice. And like It's usually said, there is nothing better for two people who love each other than marriage. 
True love, they said, is like a virus only marriage can apprehend. So make the best of your marriage by indulging in quality romance! That's the icing on your cake-like marriage-life! Be romantic!💋


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