Women are like the-end-of-the year award; they want to be "The Number One Always." Please, dont make her feel less. Also be conscious that she is like an highway-cap with certain degree of vulnerability to back bridges called the 'Ex-Affairs'; give her reasons not to look back, give her reasons to have no room for comparison. Everybody is happy when your woman feels she is second to none. Please keep her at that spot. Of course, women are weaker vessel, they need petting and unrivalled attention. It pays to make her feel like a baby. The truth is, every woman desires to be treated like a 2yrs old girl, that's why they behave childish or silly at times. Understanding this erotic attitude will keep you her KING! 

Make your home the palace of comedy. Spoil your wife with things you wouldn't like anyone else do to her like, carrying her to the bed when she sleeps off on the sitting room couch. Often, when certain men are blessed with some hyper-reactive ladies who rather displayed "am tired of this attitude" in the course of normal domestic argument, note that this doesn't mean she is asking for a divorce, she is just being childish. She simply wants you to hold her, look her in the eyes and say "It's just an argument; am sorry if I hurt your feelings".

That's women for you. Every potential brother needs to study in the university of women before getting married. Read books about them, learn what the Bible says about them and you will hardly have a problem with them.

Although there will always be some peculiar challenges, because you're both from different background and those differences are bound to reflect in the course of your interrelationship. This is why you need to read books about marriage; about building an ideal home; about child upbringing or balanced parenting; about the importance of marriage and the related literature. Never jump into marriage without matrimonial know-how, otherwise, you will have problems and/or you may eventually jump out.

Only few matured men could temper a nagging, shouting and temperamental women. This is because only maturity could keep a man calm and collected in the presence of a nagging wife. At least like the golden rule says, when one person is on fire, the other person's attitude should reflect water to remedy the flames.

Brothers, when there is an offensive gesture from your spouse, it is better to presume it was unintentional, so don't  change the colour of your eyes in reaction, rather, you may attempt a smile in reaction. Like it is said, soft response turns away wrath, if she has done that intentionally, it will definitely means she was trying to get your attention, playfully. If it was by mistake, then, it was nobody's fault. Hence, it doesn't worth shouting at a woman over petty issues.

Real men aren't petty, so learn to ignore things; don't be petty. Rather, get feminine; do "hide and seek" with your wife, sing poems for your wife in the garden or inside the house, even if she is teasing you. 

Assisting your wife in doing the house chores or kitchen activities will only keep the both of you mutual. So challenge yourself to pound yam with her, join her in fetching water, such that both of you end up being whom the bible says you are: an helpmate, not a boss-servant partners. 

Some other folk-plays will also help build your relationship and these include: using blind folds to cover her eyes and tickling her; it's normal to scare her some times; call her regularly from work/ school; text her; write "I love you" in a small note and put such under her pillow or in her purse,  bathroom or cosmetics box or inside her cupboard etc. Kiss her always, cuddle her, pamper her and adore her hair. Always tell her, she's beautiful and that you're happy to have her as your partner.

All these are part of being romantic...When a woman tells you that you are not romantic, it means you are not doing all or some of the above. She is definitely not referring to bedroom romance. That's why, it is important for brothers to study the "women's language."

Make her never to walk back to the beaming old bridge-way! Be all she needs in a man. Do your checklist always!


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