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Florals are universally flattering and versatile. 

They are so easy to match and they can go with almost everything, but here is the key: You have to choose a neutral, dark, or brightly colored top or bottom that matches at least one color shade on the floral skirt, top, or trouser for a lighter and more casual look.

You can also pair florals with stripes in the same color family but it has to be done with care. Pairing floral with bold stripes or with tiny stripes gives you that daring look, I will definitely try it on.

Floral can be worn in plenty of chic ways to fit any taste. I paired my off-shoulder red top with a floral skirt for less intimidation and to bring out the colors in my floral skirt. It’s such a chic and easy outfit! 

Top: Amazon
Skirt: Amazon
Bag: Shoedazzle
Shoes:  JustFab

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