Classy combo of Green and Floral

Green is classy and rich! It gives one a self-confidence irrespective of your skin tone and creates some drop dead gorgeous looks! 

Personally, I love pairing green with yellow, gold, or nude color depends on the shade. When your ensemble is composed of mostly bright colors, I suggest you tone it down with earth shade colors if you are not a bright color person. 

. I paired my green top with this romantic floral printed skirt to give me that fresh summer look. I also combined the outfit with a marigold color bag and sandals for a more luxurious touch and to arouse admiration. Isn’t this breathtaking? 

This classic combo of green, floral, and marigold looks astounding to me. I just have this habit of incorporating more colors in my outfit sometimes. If you are not an eye-popping color person, you can always tone your outfit down with accessories.

Top: Amazon
Skirt: Amazon
Choker: CharlotteRusse
Bag: JustFab
Shoes:  CharlotteRusse

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     Ogewhite XoXo


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